The team at SKS, across all of our different companies, really are the people that make our business great. We all share the same beliefs and values of putting our clients first and helping them to succeed.


Each and every one of our SKS family plays a key part in helping us provide the first-class service that we do to all of our clients – so much so that some of our clients have worked with our team for over 30 years. As highly qualified professionals, we value the importance of continuing to develop our team, for the benefit of our clients.

We hope you enjoy the caricatures that we’ve created – we can guarantee they’re 100% accurate…

Sanjay Swarup

CEO & Director - SKS

Ritu Bugli

COO & Director - SKS

Rosemary Penn-Newman

CFO & Director - SKS

Lewis Bird

Sales Director - US Lead

Chris Halward

Sales Director

Colin Collier

Head of M&A - SKS

Deepti Sinha


Richard Hilling

IT Development and Integration Officer & Director - SKS Hilldean

Paul Craggs

Director - SKS Baker Watkin

Anna Coote

Director - SKS Gilroy & Brookes

Samir Shah

Directors - SKS Ramon Lee

Paul Quinan

Director - SKS Avalon

Samir Gaglani

Director - SKS Gaglani & Co

Rebecca Krasowski

Director - SKS Ward Mackenzie

Niven Pillay

Director - SKS Westlake Clark

Annie Drozario

Director - SKS Ledger Sparks

David Adams

Sales Director - SKS

Caroline Brazier

Director - SKS Cansdales

Natalie Jones

Marketing Director - SKS

Mark Darbyshire

Director - SKS DSM

Alison Watson

Director - SKS DSM

Carl Urmston

Director - SKS Thompson Jones

Elliott Cohen

Director - SKS Shacter Cohen Bor

Jeffrey Bor

Director - SKS Shacter Cohen Bor

Anthony Tivnan

Director - SKS Shacter Cohen Bor

Mohammad Razzaq

Director - SKS Shacter Cohen Bor

Stephen Gill

Director - SKS Shacter Cohen Bor

Mandeep Singh Sahota

Director - SKS Justa

Harminder Kaur Sahota

Director - SKS Justa

Gillian Darbyshire

Consultant - SKS DSM

Peter Riley

Associate Director - SKS Baker Watkin

Nadarajah Srivisuvanathan

Office Manager - SKS Cansdales

Sophie Still

Associate Director - SKS Gilroy & Brookes

Irfan Shoukat

Associate Director - SKS Ramon Lee

Sanjay Sonah

Associate Director - SKS Ramon Lee

Nigel Hudson

Regional Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Peterlee)

Charles Wood

Practice Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Ilkley)

Nick Thomas

Operations and Practice Manager - SKS

Adam Dorgan

Practice Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Redcar)

Sonya Smith

Office Manager - SKS Avalon

Wendy Reilly

Office Manager - SKSi

Jacqueline Ingram

Office Manager - SKS Cansdales

Charlotte Coote

Office Manager - SKS Gilroy & Brookes

Kellie Hall

Office Manager - SKS Thompson Jones

Emily Keogh

Assistant Practice Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Redcar)

Trina Hall

Office Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Ilkley)

Sara Nicoli

Office Manager - SKS Baker Watkin

Jackie Pymm

Office Manager - SKS Cansdales

Jacynta Watson

Office Manager - SKS Ward Mackenzie

Sharon Rastick

Office Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Gateshead)

Bobbie Evans

Office Manager - SKS Bailey Group (Sedgefield)

Victoria Ife

Office Manager - SKS Ramon Lee

Kevin Wilson

Consultant - SKS Bailey Group

Geoff Hill

Head of Tax - SKS Westlake Clark

Martyn Penney

Operations Manager - SKS

Jineshkumar Kukathasen

Client Manager - SKS Westlake Clark

Haydon Edwards

Regional Manager - SKS

Marty Duke

Regional Manager - SKS

Shelley Herbert

Payroll Manager - SKS Avalon