The last 10 or so years have been eventful to say the least, but we’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made as a business and the amazing people we’ve welcomed in the process.


It is always nice to look back to where we started, compare it to where we are now, and then celebrate everything that has happened in-between. To make it easy, we’ve created a timeline below that covers all of the key milestones in the recent history of SKS Business Services… 

November 2007
Where it all began...
SKS Business Services Founded

The company was founded back in November 2007 by Sanjay Swarup.

January 2009
The work started...
SKS Trading Began

At the beginning of 2009 the company began trading, with Sanjay as CEO.

November 2013
The first merger
SKS Merges with Gilroy & Brookes

In November 2013 the SKS group merged with the reputable Gilroy & Brookes practice which is based in Farnham, Surrey. The practice is headed up by Anna Coote.

November 2014
Another merger
SKS Merges with Avalon

Exactly one year later, SKS merged with their next practice, which was Avalon Accounting in Tilehurst, Reading. This practice is headed up by Paul Quinan.

March 2015
Number 3...
SKS Merges with Ward Mackenzie

In the March of the following year SKS welcomed Tunbridge Wells practice Ward Mackenzie into the family. The practice there is headed up by Joanna Green.

November 2017
Back at it...
SKS Merges with LedgerSparks

After just over 18 months with no new additions, the merge with Ledger Sparks was completed. The Croydon based firm continues to be headed up by Bobby Bhogal and Daniel Glover.

August 2018
Up to six...
SKS Merges with Ramon Lee

August 2018 saw the arrival of Central London practice Ramon Lee. Offering a wide variety of services, the firm is headed by David Terry and Bruce Jones.

June 2019
A good summer...
SKS Merges with Westlake Clark

The summer of 2019 involved merging with the Westlake Clark business. With offices in Southampton, Lymington and New Milton, it was the first multi-location arrival and continues to be headed by Peter Clegg and Fabrice Legris.

June 2019
The good summer continues...
SKS Merges with Baker Watkin

It was a busy Summer in 2019 as we merged with reputable Stevenage based firm Baker Watkin, headed by Paul Craggs and Roy Baker, who boast a team of over 7 dedicated individuals who are all driven to help their - and now also our - clients succeed.

September 2019
Third of the year...
SKS Merges with Cansdales

The second arrival of 2019 saw Buckinghamshire based firm Cansdales join the SKS family. James Foskett, who has been a director since 1984 continues to run the practice to this day.

September 2019
Second of the month...
SKS Merges with Thompson Jones

September 2019 was a busy month, with Thompson Jones also arriving. The practice, which covers most of the Manchester area is headed by Peter Carlin and John Stone. 

September 2020
Our biggest merger to date...
SKS Merges with Bailey Group

Exactly a year later saw the biggest merge to date. By welcoming Bailey Group into the SKS family, we brought on board additional offices across the UK - primarily in the North East. As you'll see in a few of our videos, SKS Bailey Group is still headed by Chris Bailey.

February 2021
A fresh start...
SKS Launches Website

With SKS as a whole continuing to grow, we thought that it was only right to update and upgrade our website to something that showcases who we are. So, welcome to our new website and keep an eye out for the next steps in the SKS story...