We pride ourselves on the work we provide for our clients, so hearing their feedback is an important part of helping us grow.


We can say all day how amazing our services are and how we support so many businesses in varying sectors, but it means more when it comes directly from our clients. That’s why we’ve grouped together a selection of testimonials from our clients below, but if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of the team, feel free to get in touch.

SKS Business Services were appointed as Black Dragon Gold’s financial accounting services firm to assist with and then manage our company’s transition to the current reporting set up. 

Due to Black Dragon terminating the former CFO, the initial phase was quite challenging. This initial phase included reporting our half-year reporting requirements, quarterly cash flow, and restatement of the FY19 Annual Report to both the ASX and Sedar all ahead of schedule and within budget. 

We operate across 3 geographical locations (Australia, Europe & Canada), and with the SKS team assisting me, the transition went extremely well, and we now have a professional set up.

As a result, we have streamlined our reporting function which has improved our internal decision-making. In addition, we are saving nearly 40% compared to our previous finance team costs. I could not have managed nor taken on this new role without SKS and as a result, I can highly recommend them for your requirements.

Gabriel Chiappini

CFO and Company Secretary

Black Dragon Gold Corporation


Mark Magill

Chief Executive & Director

Lost Theatre

A friend recommended SKS and Sanjay was one of the first contacts I met. 

He was very helpful, explained how his accountants could help up and was completely open about the costs. 

I have been very happy with them.

SKS provided an excellent bookkeeping and management account outsourcing service that reduced our costs and improved efficiency.


IT Provider to an NHS Trust


Brian Hannon


Smoking Goat & Kiln

SKS worked with us to provide the daily, weekly and monthly reports saving me time and making my management decisions much simpler.

They were also able to integrate their systems with mine. I would highly recommend them.

We started using SKS as an outsourced Finance function early in 2017.

The transition was remarkably smooth and, through the dedicated team, we are now receiving accurate reports on time.

This is on top of cost savings and fewer operational headaches.


Vivek Singh

Executive Director

Award Apparel Ltd


Colin Quigley


Ashley Group

We have used Ledger Sparks for over 10 years and found the levels of service to be high.

As well as the usual compliance activity we use them for general business advice and assistance with bookkeeping when required.

A very professional and friendly firm providing prompt response’s to business queries which is good for all SME’s.

“I have been working with Anna now for several years, even before the company was taking over. Anna has been always very professional, and extremely efficient. She makes you feel confident, all the time, that whatever the job or question you asked, it will be dealt quickly and accurately. Anna is a major credit to Gilroy & Brookes. She deals with everything very personally, regardless of being an accounting or payroll issue. It also feels like her relationship with the branch in India is very close and efficient. She has been superb, specially over the last few months with the ‘Furlough Scheme’, where all we could read, was confusion from the media. Special mention to Keyur from the payroll department.

Charlotte has been my first contact with now for a while. Just like Anna, she is always very professional. She will always keep you informed of any progress and work on any request very efficiently. She is indeed a great asset to the company.

All in all, I have always recommended Gilroy & Brookes as after so many years, the quality of service is still difficult to improve.”

Natalia Perez-Lopez


Buttercups Day Nursery Limited

films angel production company- Ramon Lee

David C.Barrot


Films Angel

“I’m totally satisfied about my collaboration with Ramon Lee. The team is always supportive and kind.”

I genuinely think that SKS Business Services and the team in India are lovey people and brilliant accountants and good value for money. I always speak highly of SKS Business Services and the service they provide me with. 



Vivida Lifestyle