Retirement Planning


Give yourself something to look forward to when you retire.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable standard of living in retirement, it’s important to plan ahead.

We can talk to you about the different pension provision options available to you:

Exit strategies

If you are in business, what are your plans to dispose of it? Will you leave it for the next generation, and is your succession plan viable? If you intend to sell it, how will you value it and find a suitable buyer? We can help you weigh these up, and apprise you of the tax implications of the timings of the disposals.

Pension provision

How adequate is your pension provision, and do you have the right type of pension? We can update you on the pensions options available to business owners and directors, and ensure that you are making full use of your allowances.

Savings and investments

Do you have the right balance between savings and investments, evenly spread to minimise any exposure to risk? We can discuss this with you and advise accordingly.

Life assurance and long-term care

Do you have adequate life assurance for you and your family, and have you made provision for future medical insurance and long-term care should you need it in your later years? We can provide retirement and planning advice so that you’ll be prepared for when that time arrives.

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