Larger Corporations

As an investor, Board Member, CEO or CFO you know how important it is that you understand your business inside out – the cash flow; performance by staff and performance of the business against past trends, budgets or competitors. Only then you can formulate your business strategy or tactic.

Using an innovative ‘shared services’ business model that only larger companies have recently developed, SKS provides all this information through accounting services for Mid-sized and Small-Cap companies.

  • Agreed Service Level Agreements – you get accurate reports on time. Real-time business analysis by qualified staff
  • Less cost – save 40% + off your current accounting costs.
  • More flexible – we can cope with a sudden increase in workload.
  • Less HR issues (time off sick/ resignations etc).
  • Peace of mind – you can focus on your business, less worry about costs and accounts.
  • CFO has the time and information to focus on profitability and growth
  • You are freed from manual tasks to maximize your value.
  • Auditors and Regulators will all respect and value the consistent quality of financial product received.
  • Efficient ERP implementation at up to 50% savings compared to system integrators.

SKS can take responsibility for the roles shown in Grey below.


Our testimonials tell all you need to know about how we help our clients with first-rate service. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to your businesses accountancy needs.