We can help reduce the impact of insolvency.

Being faced with severe financial difficulties is one of the most challenging scenarios that a company can experience. And not knowing how to limit the impact and make informed decisions in the company’s best interests can be a formidable proposition.

Being able to rely on professional, expert advice and understanding is invaluable, particularly when it’s delivered in an environment of confidentiality and trust, and in which your position and business relationships are treated with the utmost respect.

Our partner company, Benedict Mackenzie, is vastly experienced in managing insolvency issues. They can provide independent and supportive advice to help your company recover from financial difficulty and explore ways of turning the situation around. This may range from a business recovery strategy, an informal payment plan, or a formal insolvency process with creditors.

We can also assist if you are a debtor, creditor or professional advisor with a client in this position.

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