Exploring Capital Allowances for Commercial Property – Q&A Session

Delivered by Lewis Bird, Martyn Penney & Kamber Kimti.

Thursday 29 February 2024 at 11am – 11:15am

We’re delighted to announce that the knowledgeable Lewis Bird, Martyn Penney and Kamber Kimti will be delivering a free-to-attend webinar on Thursday 29 February 2024 at 11am – 11:15am, covering capital allowances for commercial property.

This session will be delivered as a Q&A where we will not only be answering some of the most common questions we get asked, but will be able to open the floor to questions too!

Join us to learn how we can help you:

  • What are Capital Allowances?
  • How do you qualify for Capital Allowances?
    • Property Types 
    • UK Based Company / People Criteria
    • Profitable Company
  • How is the claim paid back?
  • ‘My accountant has already claimed’

What are the benefits of joining this session?

SKS has dealt with hundreds of Capital allowance clients over the past 4 years, saving up to £80k in some occasions.

When times/money is as tight as ever, why not maximise your tax efficiency moving forward and reduce your tax liability today!

Interested in attending?

If you would like to attend then simply complete the form below and we will send you all of the information. If you can’t attend, don’t worry – simply click here to leave your details and we will send you the webinar recording after it has taken place.