Have you planned for the future? Join the SKS family of firms through our Mergers & Acquisitions service, protecting the future for you and your employees.


The road to retirement has changed. Challenges around recruitment, regulation, and technology costs are deterring internal successors – as is the rising cost of debt. In this changing landscape, a merger with SKS secures your future and your firm’s.

Focus on the value-add

Our back office handles ‘functional’ services such as HR, compliance, technology and account processing. This frees your team to add value through review, analysis and expert advice.

Grow your practice with a business development team

Benefit from the marketing power and lead generation of a larger organisation. A central business development team takes care of lead qualification and client onboarding.

Improve efficiency with technology

Our proprietary software automates the most repetitive parts of accountancy, freeing your team to focus on analysis and advisory.

Retain staff by eliminating monotonous work

Our overseas team carries out the processing work, while our online dashboard keeps customers up to date with project work, reducing time spent on emails.

Focus on clients, not recruitment

SKS’s overseas team of 650 specialists processes routine accounting tasks. Scale without the recruitment headache while your core team focuses on higher-fee work.


Your practice is more than a business: it is a lifetime’s work, a future for your colleagues, and your name above the door.

Design your wind-down plan

Full retirement or part-time consultancy? Most of our merger partners stay on post-earn-out as part-time consultants, returning to the parts of the work they once enjoyed.

Take care of your people

We help senior staff and junior directors rise through the ranks. A clear career path and access to roles in the wider group help attract and retain talent.

Maximise your earn-out

You benefit from any increased revenue during your earn-out period. During this time, our business development team helps you grow sales to maximise your returns.

Retain your brand

We keep your brand and add the SKS prefix. This retains your hard-earned reputation while enabling you to capitalise on your new capabilities as part of a larger group.



“I come in two days a week and do the specialist work I enjoy.”

David Terry and his business partner merged their practice, Ramon Lee, with SKS in 2018. Following a successful earn-out, he helps the London- based firm as a part-time consultant.

“I normally work around two days per week, coming into the office on one of those to meet staff and clients and do the specialist charity sector work I enjoy. I’ll probably reduce my hours at some point to spend more time with my granddaughter and hopefully get my golf to a better standard!”

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