Time for a Stress Test


Are you prepared for what may lie ahead?

With the uncertainty that Brexit and the recent election has created (exchange rates, import/export demand and supply, customs duty, VAT rates etc), it is important that you ‘stress-test’ your company to ensure you can ride through any difficult times. You are probably aware that the ‘cash is king’ philosophy is important through any economic period, strong or weak.

We help owners strengthen their financial footing by:

  • Cost-effective, regular management accounts to help you make better business decisions.
  • Funding alternatives – support in restructuring debt (less expensive channels often available).
  • Advice to improve performance efficiency and maximize cash flows.
  • Assistance in managing working capital and freeing up cash.
  • Advice in re-structuring the company itself for further efficiency.
  • Advice on succession planning.

For initial complimentary call get in touch today 020 7096 0662 or email a.swarup@sksbusinessservices.com.