Our health is important, that’s why we visit an expert when something is wrong. Your financial health is also important, and we’re the experts in that field.


With team members dedicated to the healthcare industry, it’s our job to provide tailor-made compliance, advisory and consultancy services with positive results. We’ve got experience working with everybody from pharmacists and GP surgeries all the way through to dental practices and consultants, so no matter which part of the healthcare sector you fall under, we’re here to help you.

All of the work and support that we provide is based on the first-hand experience we have from working with health professionals. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the complex issues faced by organisations within the sector, meaning we can always adapt and extend our services to stay ahead of the curve and deliver positive results, within regulations, for all of our clients.

Relevant Services

The services that we can offer to the healthcare sector is vast, but we’ve grouped together some of the more prominent ones below…


Below are some of our dedicated companies that have extensive experience in the healthcare sector…


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“We have streamlined our reporting function which has improved our internal decision-making. In addition, we are saving nearly 40% compared to our previous finance team costs. I could not have managed nor taken on this new role without SKS and as a result, I can highly recommend them for your requirements.”

Gabriel Chiappini, Black Dragon Gold Corporation

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