Within the public sector, sometimes the close scrutiny of your finances and how you operate can become a burden, let us help you turn this into a positive opportunity.


We know that it’s impossible to be able to operate effectively within the public sector without an understanding of its culture and the unique pressures faced by organisations that are working within the space. That’s why our team of experts use their years of experience and knowledge of the sector to deliver the trustworthy, quality services that public bodies need to succeed.

Our business advisory, accountancy and taxation services are tailored to help public sector organisations to stay compliant, manage risk, maximise their finances and flourish in a challenging environment. Normally these services would be structured around assurance, risk, governance, due diligence, tax, and VAT, but can be tailored to each organisation depending on your requirements.

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“We started using SKS as an outsourced Finance function early in 2017. The transition was remarkably smooth and, through the dedicated team, we are now receiving accurate reports on time. This is on top of cost savings and fewer operational headaches.”

Vivek Singh, Executive Director, Award Apparel Ltd

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