We’re known as business advisors who specialise in Finance Function Outsourcing within the SME and Mid-Market.

Here at SKS Business Services we are one of the UK’s fastest growing accountancy, tax and business advisory firms, serving the SME and Mid-Market. We provide a full range of advisory services, specialising in finance function outsourcing, which are tailored to your individual needs. Our deep sector expertise, technical excellence and unique hybrid business model will help you navigate the future landscape and achieve your ambitions, in a cost-effective way.

Over the years, many larger businesses have taken the decision to outsource their finance function but for cost reasons this strategic option has not been easily available to the SME and Mid-Market. A key founding purpose for us at SKS was to help smaller and mid-market businesses access this strategic option.

We are delighted to be able to now provide our service to these businesses. Below is a guide on the roles that we can undertake within your business as part of a Finance Function Outsourcing package.

The Benefits of Finance Function Outsourcing with SKS

Cost Saving

On average we save our clients up to 40% - 50% on finance and employee related costs.

Access to Experts

Access to a team of industry leading experts, whenever you need, without the additional cost or headache of recruitment, holidays, national insurance, absenteeism and office space.

Latest Technology

We provide you with the latest technology, systems and processes to improve efficiency and provide you with the clear, accurate and timely financial information you need.

Save Time

We automate your manual and tedious processes, which will save you time and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Reduce Stress

We take away the HR and people-related issues which may be taking up your time.

Industry Specialists

We are specialists in finance function outsourcing – with years of experience and know-how.


We are leading advisors to the SME and Mid-Market in the UK and globally - we understand your business and competitive landscape.

Want To Know More?

If you want to find out exactly how FFO could help you and your business, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Case Studies

Since launching our Finance Function Outsourcing service we have been able to help hundreds of business, all of which who range in size, with making their finance function more efficient whilst also reducing costs.

Feel free to check out a couple of our case studies below.

Case Study 1

How we helped a business with 15 employees and a turnover of £1m within the Market Research sector by utilising our FFO service.

Case Study 2

How we helped a Hospitality business with over 150 employees and a turnover in excess of £10m with our FFO service.


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Vivek Singh
Vivek SinghAward Apparel Ltd
Read More
“We started using SKS as an outsourced Finance Function early in 2017. The transition was remarkably smooth. We are now receiving accurate reports on time through our dedicated team and have reduced our costs."
Brian Hannon
Brian HannonSmoking Goat & Kiln
Read More
“SKS worked with us to provide the daily, weekly and monthly reports saving me time and making my management decisions much simpler. They were also able to integrate their systems with mine. I would highly recommend them.”
Gabriel Chiappini
Gabriel ChiappiniBlack Dragon Gold Corporation
Read More
"We have streamlined our reporting function which has improved our internal decision-making. In addition, we are saving nearly 40% compared to our previous finance team costs. I could not have managed nor taken on this new role without SKS and as a result, I can highly recommend them for your requirements.”

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