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We aim to provide all of our clients with whatever help and assistance they need to take them to the next level, whilst understanding that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to success.

That’s why, over the years, we’ve recruited and developed a team of industry specialists that not only share our beliefs and values on how our clients should be treated, but also have the knowledge, experience and desire to make a success of every business that we work with.

Our services have continued to expand year-on-year as we grow, allowing us to tap into new areas for our clients and making us the one stop shop for all of your business needs. Our knowledge and experience means we can help you analyse where you currently are and tailor a plan that will help you achieve your goals, whilst giving you back time to enjoy your life.

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ManagementAccounts, Board Reports & Compliance for your Portfolio Companies

Are you frustrated by a lack of regular information, or sophisticated business analysis with the companies in which you have invested?
Perhaps this is because:

• They are short staffed, or perhaps they lack the necessary skills?
• Or is it cost-prohibitive?
• Or there is a bottle neck in the Finance/ Accountancy process?


Your portfolio businesses cannot manage their costs and the transparency you require doesn’t exist. So you don’t have the line of
sight and cannot provide the necessary oversight to your businesses – and they don’t deliver the ROI you seek. If this sounds all too familiar then SKS Business Services has a powerful Accounting solution for SME’s and Small Caps:

• Substantial cost reduction on current accounting function/process.
• Utilisation of the latest technology to drive finance reporting efficiency.
• An onshore/offshore hybrid, shared services business model that larger companies have only developed over recent years.
• Highly qualified and experienced staff.

SKS is a group of chartered accountants that efficiently processes your portfolio companies’ financial information, provides you up-to-date, regular management accounts and independent advice on the performance of the businesses. Large multi-national enterprises and advisers know the importance of regular, real-time reporting and that’s why we include it as part of our standard package.
SKS provide large corporation finance experience to smaller companies at a fraction of current costs.

Get in touch to learn more about how our unique shared services model can help solve the problems mentioned above.


With offices spread across the UK, we’re confident we’ll be able to provide you with a first-class bookkeeping service.


We have offices all over the UK. Click below to find yours.


Barbara Gatward
Barbara GatwardJohn Gatward Packaging Ltd
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"Our accounts are always dealt with in a timely manner, all submissions made efficiently, and reminders sent when action is required from us. Would not hesitate to recommend."
Sarah Fox
Sarah FoxBeckingham Place Manmagement Co
Read More
"Since taking over BPMCO's accounts, my life is much easier. You deal with everything really quickly and nothing has been too much trouble. Sonia is great. Thank you!"
John Webb
John WebbWebb Sight Consultancy Ltd
Read More
"Very reliable and professional, with a quick response time to emails sent to them. They give us peace of mind that our tax affairs are in order, as are Companies House returns, etc."
Michael Shephard
Michael ShephardSandrock Management Ltd
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"I have been impressed by the professionalism displayed by the team. Commitments are consistently met and I'm looking forward to a closer working relationship during the coming months."
Michelle Warner
Michelle WarnerAshdown Travel
Read More
"SKS are great to deal with, very approachable with all levels of staff from Directors to accounts staff and are accommodating with requests."
Wendy Coad
Wendy CoadSURR7
Read More
"Responsive and efficient with clear lines of communication. They have kept us up to date with everything they are working on for us. Everyone very helpful and knowledgeable. Genuine people."
Jason Willett
Jason WillettIsherwoods
Read More
"Always there when we need them most."
Simon Doyle
Simon DoyleKGLighting
Read More
"Very good service and always ready to help with new situations that occur."
Maggie Norgate
Maggie NorgateNautilus 19
Read More
"Quick, structured efficient communication and service."
Fiona Penny
Fiona PennyFiona Penny Bespoke Home Finders
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"SKS Business Services understand me and my business and I trust their advice implicitly."
Stuart Herron
Stuart HerronHerron Consulting Ltd
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"The team are very friendly, supportive and easy to work with. Have been a long term client and have SKS have never failed to support me when I need them - thank you team."
David Ede
David EdeBlackhall RAFA Association treasurer
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"Brilliant professional service delivered by friendly helpful staff, I would and will highly recommend to friends and colleagues."

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