Restructuring Property Portfolios

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It’s one thing having a portfolio of properties, but staying on top of all of your obligations, whilst maximising all of your entitlements will ensure your wealth is looked after.

Our team of dedicated Property Tax Law specialists have over 15 years of experience helping our clients to save money with detailed tax structure advice. If you have a portfolio of properties and would like to know how we can help you, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Buying commercial property with a SIPP?

Are you thinking of putting your properties into a SIPP programme?

We recently met two surveyors who had put their company’s property portfolio into their SIPP. They were very upset to realise that this had lost the chance to save over £111,450 in personal tax, as you can’t claim Capital Allowances when your assets have been put into a SIPP.

The message is: Claim all the Property Capital Allowances that are in your properties before you put them into a pension plan or you will lose the allowances for ever.

Change of tax structure – what are the options?

Many Landlord investors are considering moving their portfolios from personal ownership into a Limited Company to reduce the effects of the proposed new tax changes. This can cause problems such as paying stamp duty and CGT when they transfer their assets. There are other options such as moving your portfolio into a LLP (a Limited Liability Partnership) and then into a Limited Company. If this is done correctly you will pay no stamp duty or CGT at all. It is very important to seek professional advice based on your personal tax situation. We can offer you a complimentary telephone assessment, simply email your contact details and we will set up an appointment with you.

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The New Law on Property Capital Allowances

Many landlord Investors are now buying commercial properties to develop into residential use. Last year there were over 75,000 applications for change of use.

Every commercial property has potential for claiming the very valuable Capital Allowances, that range from 10% – 45% of the purchase price, depending on the existing use.

The new law says that unless they are correctly identified at the point of sale, the Capital Allowances will be lost to both parties for ever.

Many Solicitors and Accountants are now at risk through not helping protect their clients (either buying or selling) from losing high value tax savings. We are here to help.

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