Serviced Apartments, Holiday-Lets & Student-Lets

Helping you understand the tax savings that can be made on your serviced apartments, holiday-lets and student-lets through capital allowances.


Are you aware that you can claim (Property Capital Allowances) for Serviced Apartments, Student-Lets, Multi-Lets & Holiday Lets?

The lettings industry can claim for all the “assets” in the communal/non-dwelling areas of their letting properties.

This is usually 10% – 25% of the purchase price and development/improvement costs.

Property Capital Allowances for Serviced Accommodation, Holiday-lets & Student-lets.

If you own these types of property, you can usually claim Property Capital Allowances even if bought after 2014 and no claim was pursued at the point of the sales contract (i.e. separate rules apply to these classifications of property) As a firm of Chartered accountants who specialise in this area, we can virtually guarantee you that you are missing out on tax rebates from HMRC if you have not had a full Property Capital Allowance survey on your properties.

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Who Can Claim?

You must be a UK tax payer and be paying tax. Typically, you will receive a rebate against your last year’s tax, you will then be able to offset the Allowances against this year’s tax bill and if there is any excess, carry that forward to mitigate your future tax bills.

Q. Surely they have been claimed by myself or my accountant against all the invoices I have already paid and claimed for in improving my Serviced Apartments, Holiday Let or Student-let?

The answer is NO!

Unless you have had a survey report from an experienced Property Capital Allowance organisation (usually 12-15 pages with photographs and the list of everything quantified and claimable) then you have definitely NOT claimed all the Property Capital Allowances you are entitled to. These allowances have been enshrined in law since 1878 and are available to be claimed by commercial property owners.

Our message is simple: Talk to us now to start saving tax!

Examples of Savings Generated

Purchase Price: £565,000
Capital Allowances: £71,017
Tax Saved: £14,150

Purchase Price: £305,000
Capital Allowances: £36,619
Tax Saved: £15,673

Purchase Price: £311,250
Capital Allowances: £44,339
Tax Saved: £18,800

Purchase Price: £305,000
Capital Allowances: £28,325
Tax Saved: £12,123

Purchase Price: £350,000
Capital Allowances: £71,357
Tax Saved: £30,541

Purchase Price: £276,500
Capital Allowances: £34,919
Tax Saved: £14,806

Here are some more recent examples

Total CostProperty Capital AllowancesTax Saved
Mr. T£136,000£10,880£2,176
Mr M£331,000£26,480£5,561
Mrs E£365,000£35,000£8,750
Mr D£687,000£63,400£25,300

These are all net figures after paying our fees, which are a small percentage of the Property Capital Allowances identified.

If there are no savings to be made there is no fee. Let us show you how: Answer just 6 questions and we will send you a no obligation illustration of your likely tax savings.

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Along with all of the individuals and businesses we’ve helped over the years, we’ve also worked with nearly 1,000 accountants since we were established, helping their clients submit Capital Allowance claims on their Commercial / HMO properties. Many now refer their clients to us, as a matter of course.

Check out what some of them have to say below…

LG Chartered Accountants
LG Chartered Accountants
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“The team met with my client and explained the whole process. I was initially sceptical but having seen the system work, with their involvement and guidance through all the stages, we are now very happy to recommend more of our clients. The claims were submitted and our clients have received substantial refunds of tax, without any questions being asked by HMRC”.
JT Chartered Accountants
JT Chartered Accountants
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“A Chartered Accountant led us through the Capital Allowance process from start to finish and they were always on hand to give advice and guidance. During the final stages of our clients’ claims they helped us submit the claims to HMRC. In total our clients received over £1,000,000 of Capital Allowances, with nearly £100,000 in tax savings. All claims were accepted by HMRC. He has now helped 5 of our clients”.
JS MK Chartered Accountant
JS MK Chartered Accountant
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“We decided to work with The Bailey Group as our chosen partner as we believe their expertise and proven track record in the field of Capital Allowances is a perfect complement to the tax service we already offer”.

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